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Smokey Sauce
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Smokey Sauce

Adds a genuine hickory flavour to ribs, chicken wings, steak chops or just about anything. Mixed with cream cheese, yoghurt, sour cream etc. to create fabulous dips.


Nutrional Notes:- 99 % FAT FREE
Net Wt: 250g.
Originally conceived in our restaurant as a marinade for BBQ spare-ribs, this delicious sauce can also be used withsteaks, chops, chicken wings etc. either as a marinade or to baste during cooking.
Spread  on sandwiches, burgers, pizza bases etc.
Add to stir fries, noodles, casseroles, pasta sauces, soups,  baked beans etc.
Combine with yoghurt, cream cheese, peanut butter,  sour cream or mayonnaise to make exciting dips.
Plop into meat pies, jacket potatoes, pasties etc.
Straight from the jar as an accompaniment to any meal or snack.